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The Paradigm Shift: From Self-Defense to Collaborative-Security

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Imagine how effectively industries in general and the cyber world in particular would function if every piece of information was available on demand at the precise place and time required, displayed in the most accurate manner and enabling optimal decision making.

The massive evolvement towards sharing economy in recent years has proven to be a game changer in every industry it was implemented. It therefor begs the question: What needs to be done in order for countries, industries, corporations and security experts to be able to help each other to create a safer cyber world?

I believe the cyber security ecosystem is standing on the threshold of a major paradigm shift which will enable this revolution. There will be a fundamental movement from a “self-defense” approach to “collaborative security”.

The current state of play where organizations defend themselves, limited by their resources and capabilities has proven to be a far from optimal strategy. Enterprise executives who secure their information with the latest technologies and ‘hope for the best’ can not rest easy at night; this strategy isn’t working.  The results are apparent in the increasing number of attempted and successful attacks, as well as the magnitude of the damage we are exposed to – motivated by cybercrime, espionage or even state owned attacks. The implication on individuals, companies and our way of life as a society is substantial and often immeasurable.

Industry Is Waking Up

A collaborative fight with many standing together will defeat the aggressors. Industry is waking up. Organizations realize that no matter how much money they throw [I mean, invest], they can no longer do it alone and they need to collaborate, share information and capabilities in order to remain safe.

Cyber defense is a ‘team-sport’, the ability to cooperate, leverage skills, budgets and capabilities in an effective and efficient way can be a game changer for the current asymmetric threat landscape.

That is why Guy Wertheim and I established Comilion. The need for collaboration in cyber security is clear but the means were not. Our vision is to lead the collaborative security revolution by enabling it to evolve from ‘information-sharing’ and ‘threat intelligence’ handling to scalable, efficient and effective collaborative ecosystem.

Protection From Regulatory Implications

Collaboration is not just about sending and receiving information. It involves sharing at scale without drowning in an ocean of intelligence. Organizations and cyber experts need to trust  that they are protected from regulatory implications while sharing and complying with their own internal  policies. Maintaining ownership over every piece of data, exchanging capabilities and not just the simple ‘IP like’ indicators are key to collaborative success. We cannot expect anyone to abandon their ‘good old’ familiar email for something that is not complete and holistic, and this is why we started our journey to create a new platform that would apply to the security researcher, the senior manager, the analyst, the regulator and the internal GCs.

Comilion is the first truly decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing network, designed from the ground up to facilitate sharing between closed groups. It facilitates standard sharing processes for internal and external communities, enforces sharing policies, global regulation and compliance and provides a new level of efficiency with the ability to detect, analyze and remediate cyber attacks. We are designing and developing our technology together with global security leaders as a collaborative effort, and this results in the world’s first truly collaborative security framework.

President Obama’s recent executive order demands that industry and government share information on cybersecurity threats “…in a manner that protects the privacy and civil liberties of individuals, that preserves business confidentiality, [and] that safeguards the information being shared…”. This is exactly what Comilion will facilitate. Sharing is no longer a, “nice to have”. It is a necessity if we are to out maneuver and defeat cyber crime and the subsequent devastation to businesses and individuals.

Comilion’s blog will share our version of what is happening in the data security space with a focus on collaboration. It will  address the key opportunities in the field: process, regulation, trust and many more topics. It is intended for security investigators as well as C-level executives. Feel free to join in the conversation.

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Kobi Freedman

Kobi Freedman

Founder & CEO at Comilion
Kobi Freedman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Comilion, pioneering the collaborative security segment by developing an infrastructure for exclusive sharing networks in regulated and highly sensitive environments. Kobi has been immersed in the cyber security arena for over 15 years. Starting out in the IDF and following on with private sector, he participates in numerous Israeli and global policy workgroups that set the standards for cyber defense.