Data Ownership Questions Answered by Decentralized P2P Platforms

Data Ownership Questions Answered by Decentralized P2P Platforms

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Before copyright laws protected published works and intellectual property, American publishing houses would take novels by Charles Dickens and other authors, publish them word for word, and make money off the sales without paying a cent to the owners of the content. This soon became a problem for writers. It was obvious a law would need to protect the work …

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Post CISA Approval – Transitioning From a Culture of “Need to Know” to One of “Need to Share”

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We have seen some very serious breaches in the past two years. Breaches that have affected tens of millions of consumers, cost seven figure sums to control and caused reputational damage. The time has come to find ways of managing the exponentially growing threat landscape and the impact it is having on our everyday business. Finding ways of handling this …

A Strategy for Enterprise Sharing & Collaboration

A Strategy for Enterprise Sharing & Collaboration

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Things are really gearing up in the security industry around the concept of security collaboration and threat intelligence sharing. We are aware of the importance of threat intelligence to mitigate the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, 75% of firms see this as a top priority according to  Forrester research. However, the sharing of this threat intelligence data is now also starting …

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Comilion to Discuss Cyber Security Collaboration Roadblocks at CiConnect Conference

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CiConnect is once again holding their annual conference in San Francisco. This year, I will be participating in the event, discussing roadblocks to cybersecurity collaboration. I will presenting on this important topic with the esteemed Navin Chaddha. Chaddha is the Managing Director of Mayfield, is a proven serial entrepreneur and venture investor. He has been named a Young Global Leader …

Green is the New Black: Cybercrime Hacks Our Green Credentials

Green is the New Black: Cybercrime Hacks Our Green Credentials

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Green technology is growing. A report published in late 2014 by World Bank Group entitled “Building Competitive Green Industries” looked at the technology opportunities of building and using green technology. The report highlights that investment across 15 clean technology sectors will be more than $6.4 trillion over the coming decade; of that, small to medium sized enterprises in developing countries, …


Comilion to Discuss Privacy By Design In Cyber-Threat Information Sharing At IAPP Conference

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The IAPP Privacy Academy is teaming up once again with CSA Congress for the Privacy, Security, Risk (P.S.R.) conference. This year, I will be participating in the conference and discussing how to implement privacy by design principles in security collaboration. I will be joining a panel with Naomi Lefkovitz, Senior Privacy Policy Advisor at The National Institute of Standards and …

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The Cybersecurity Bill, Why All the Commotion?

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Cyber security threats and data breaches are almost daily news. In a recent interview, Secretary of State John Kerry described the current cybersecurity landscape as being “a complicated and fast moving world…pretty much the wild west”.  The U.S. federal government has therefore taken the initiative to devise a strategy to combat cyber threats. An Executive Order (EO), “Promoting Private Sector …

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Quick Quotes: Industry Thoughts on Cybersecurity and Collaboration

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You’ve read a lot from us and our writer is on summer vacation. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out our favorite industry pearls of wisdom and continue in the spirit of sharing. “Much of that trepidation is a direct result of a ‘trust deficit’. The best way to tackle a trust deficit is to build trust,” he said. …


Black Hat 2015: Could There Be Another CISCO,  Michael Lynn Holy Grail Vulnerability Disclosure?

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10 years ago I attended my first Black Hat conference. The most memorable moment for me was Michael Lynn’s presentation titled, “The Holy Grail: Cisco IOS Shellcode And Exploitation Techniques”.  Lynn had discovered a major exploit in the Internet’s backbone and was ‘warned’ against disclosing it. I waited anxiously as  did the rest of the  audience for his presentation, holding …