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Quick Quotes: Industry Thoughts on Cybersecurity and Collaboration

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You’ve read a lot from us and our writer is on summer vacation. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out our favorite industry pearls of wisdom and continue in the spirit of sharing.

Bridging Trust Gaps

Much of that trepidation is a direct result of a ‘trust deficit’. The best way to tackle a trust deficit is to build trust,” he said. “It may very well be an incremental process but it has to start somewhere. I ask that we be given the opportunity to bridge whatever trust deficit exists — let’s start somewhere.”

 – DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at Black Hat 2015

Band Together

“The threats are too daunting to battle alone. Now, more than ever, officials must align themselves with legislators and executive leadership to build a better business case for security and collaborate with other experts outside of their jurisdiction — the key to quickly sharing and disseminating critical information, especially after a breach or disaster. Fending off the onslaught of cyberattacks calls for creative partnerships with the private sector and other levels of government.”

 – David Hutchins, Vice President of state and local sales for CDW•G, a leading technology provider to government and education.

Public & Private

“Government has many capabilities, but it’s not appropriate or even possible for government to secure the computer networks of private businesses,” the president said in remarks at the Cyber­security and Consumer Protection Summit in February. “Many of the companies here today are cutting-edge, but the private sector doesn’t always have the capabilities needed during a cyberattack, the situational awareness, or the ability to warn other companies, or the capacity to coordinate a response across companies and sectors. So, we’re going to have to be smart and efficient and focus on what each sector does best, and then do it together.”

 – President Barack Obama

It All Starts With A Beer

“It all starts at the bar with a beer,” said keynote speaker Gregory Rattray, Global CISO of J.P. Morgan Chase. “It starts with a limited number of people who trust each other.”

 – Gregory Rattray, former Global CISO for JP Morgan

Piece Together

“It is important to dissect the cybersecurity debate into palatable pieces, recognize that all these pieces interact, and be careful about what we talk about.”

“…The weaknesses of the Internet’s collaborative, open, and democratic environment correspond to it’s greatest strengths and potential.”

 – Olaf Kolkman, CTO of ISOC

High Impact Low Cost

“I really think that information sharing may be the single, highest impact, lowest cost, and fastest way to implement capabilities we have at hand as a nation..”

 – Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express

Making It Actionable

“Information sharing for threat intelligence is certainly important…The trick is making it actionable.”

 – Avivah Litan, Gartner Security Analyst 

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Kobi Freedman

Kobi Freedman

Founder & CEO at Comilion
Kobi Freedman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Comilion, pioneering the collaborative security segment by developing an infrastructure for exclusive sharing networks in regulated and highly sensitive environments. Kobi has been immersed in the cyber security arena for over 15 years. Starting out in the IDF and following on with private sector, he participates in numerous Israeli and global policy workgroups that set the standards for cyber defense.