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Quick Quotes: Industry Thoughts on Cybersecurity and Collaboration

Kobi Freedman Enterprise

You’ve read a lot from us and our writer is on summer vacation. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out our favorite industry pearls of wisdom and continue in the spirit of sharing. “Much of that trepidation is a direct result of a ‘trust deficit’. The best way to tackle a trust deficit is to build trust,” he said. …


Black Hat 2015: Could There Be Another CISCO,  Michael Lynn Holy Grail Vulnerability Disclosure?

Guy Wertheim Events

10 years ago I attended my first Black Hat conference. The most memorable moment for me was Michael Lynn’s presentation titled, “The Holy Grail: Cisco IOS Shellcode And Exploitation Techniques”.  Lynn had discovered a major exploit in the Internet’s backbone and was ‘warned’ against disclosing it. I waited anxiously as  did the rest of the  audience for his presentation, holding …

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Making Secure and Private Collaboration Between Enterprises Possible

Kobi Freedman Enterprise

On July 15, the FBI announced that they, along with an international coalition of law enforces, had shut down the underground global computer hacking forum known as ‘Darkcode’. This operation is likely to have required collaboration with over 12 countries and could potentially lead to the arrest of over 800 hackers. Information sharing at its finest. In the business sector, …

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The Weakest Link in the Supply Chain: Beware of Third Party Hacks

Kobi Freedman Enterprise

There’s a shift happening in the world of cybercrime. This shift is towards using indirect attacks where hackers use compromised data, such as login credentials from individuals or smaller companies within a supply chain, to then access companies higher up the chain and ultimately infiltrate mass numbers of user accounts and their Personally Identifying Information (PII) therein. You can describe …

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How Government & Private Sector Can Overcome Technical Challenges, Risks & Regulation Involved in Sharing Cyber Threat Data

Kobi Freedman Legislation

Next week (June 25th)  I will be speaking at the SINET New York Summit about Cyber threat intelligence sharing and collaboration between the government and  private sector. While collaboration between the two is growing, security risk concerns and technical challenges  remain to be overcome for collaboration to be more widely adopted. Until now, public-private collaboration has primarily been conducted through …

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OPM Breach Raises the Urgency for Collaborative Security

Kobi Freedman Legislation

I am often asked why I am so certain that collaborating on security is such a necessity for organizations today, when the countless systems and complex security tools used to detect and protect are doing an OK job most of the time. My simplistic answer is that the good guys need to collaborate in order to beat the bad guys …

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Buying A Feed Is Not ‘Information Sharing’

Kobi Freedman Enterprise

The rapid evolution of threat intelligence solutions over the last few years along with the increasing awareness of advanced threats to organizations has created muddle, confusion  and false assumptions about what problems are solved through which product offering. For example,  many CISOs falsely assume that purchasing an intelligence feed will also provide the necessary solution for for their information sharing needs. …

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Facebook’s ThreatExchange: Who Owns Your Data?

Guy Wertheim Enterprise

In February Facebook announced a wonderful initiative: ThreatExchange. The new platform will assist security researchers to share their findings. In particular, it enables them to share their own security information and insights with peers, collaborate, and gain more information. However, the reward Vs. risk element of the platform should be carefully weighed up when designing an overall enterprise sharing policy. …

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The Paradigm Shift: From Self-Defense to Collaborative-Security

Kobi Freedman Legislation

Imagine how effectively industries in general and the cyber world in particular would function if every piece of information was available on demand at the precise place and time required, displayed in the most accurate manner and enabling optimal decision making. The massive evolvement towards sharing economy in recent years has proven to be a game changer in every industry …