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Post CISA Approval – Transitioning From a Culture of “Need to Know” to One of “Need to Share”

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We have seen some very serious breaches in the past two years. Breaches that have affected tens of millions of consumers, cost seven figure sums to control and caused reputational damage. The time has come to find ways of managing the exponentially growing threat landscape and the impact it is having on our everyday business. Finding ways of handling this …

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The Cybersecurity Bill, Why All the Commotion?

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Cyber security threats and data breaches are almost daily news. In a recent interview, Secretary of State John Kerry described the current cybersecurity landscape as being “a complicated and fast moving world…pretty much the wild west”.  The U.S. federal government has therefore taken the initiative to devise a strategy to combat cyber threats. An Executive Order (EO), “Promoting Private Sector …

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How Government & Private Sector Can Overcome Technical Challenges, Risks & Regulation Involved in Sharing Cyber Threat Data

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Next week (June 25th)  I will be speaking at the SINET New York Summit about Cyber threat intelligence sharing and collaboration between the government and  private sector. While collaboration between the two is growing, security risk concerns and technical challenges  remain to be overcome for collaboration to be more widely adopted. Until now, public-private collaboration has primarily been conducted through …

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The Paradigm Shift: From Self-Defense to Collaborative-Security

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Imagine how effectively industries in general and the cyber world in particular would function if every piece of information was available on demand at the precise place and time required, displayed in the most accurate manner and enabling optimal decision making. The massive evolvement towards sharing economy in recent years has proven to be a game changer in every industry …

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Sharing Capabilities: Amex CEO Sketches the Future of Cybersecurity Collaboration

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We’ve all heard about the White House’s executive order on cybersecurity and consumer protection on February 13th, the details of which are not the focus here. CEOs took time out of their busy schedules to come together and declare that collaboration is a key factor of successful security measures. CEO of Amex, Kenneth Chenault, hit the nail on the head …